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NHG®, member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), a commitment to the use of natural products of sustainable origin

Currently palm oil has become the first oil crop worldwide. This raw material has displaced hydrogenated fats so harmful to health, and is used in many industries, as cosmetics and food, and also has a fundamental role in the economic development of the countries that produce it.  This increased demand has created a negative effect […]

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We care about the air quality

As a company in NHG™ we are committed to taking care of our environment, is the reason why we have implemented very strict policies in the production of the packaging of our products. This commitment has led us to the use of recycled and biodegradable plastics, a process without the expulsion of toxic gases and […]

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The hospitality industry bets on to the plastics recycling

In an effort to combat global pollution and create a better world with the least possible impact, the hospitality industry is putting its effort into the production of containers from recycled plastics to package their products of formulas that are also environmentally friendly. More and more hotel entrepreneurs are becoming aware of reducing the ecology […]

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Is there plastic in your body without having eaten it before?

Although it seems impossible, it’s totally true; not only the planet and our oceans are contaminated, but ourselves. Within our body, we have accumulated a large amount of plastic waste deposited without being aware of having consumed it, because it’s cross contamination in our food, especially of marine origin, and toxic waste such as Phthalates, […]

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290% of Table Salt Is Contaminated With Microplastics

A year after researchers at a New York university discovered microplastics present in sea salt thanks to widespread plastic pollution, researchers in South Korea set out to find out how pervasive the problem is-and found that 90 percent of salt brands commonly used in homes around the world contain the tiny pieces of plastic. […]

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