We care about the air quality

  • 12 June, 2019
We care about the air quality

As a company in NHG™ we are committed to taking care of our environment, is the reason why we have implemented very strict policies in the production of the packaging of our products. This commitment has led us to the use of recycled and biodegradable plastics, a process without the expulsion of toxic gases and CO2 into the air. In addition to this, we fight against climate change by actively participating in projects.

Climate change is the most important environmental challenge to fight in recent decades, but not only because of the consequences in the atmosphere, but we also take more risks than we think. We are part of the environment that surrounds us. We are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and adaptation to life on this planet.

Current situation

Currently one of the main changes in climate is with respect to CO2, which has a high impact on the oceans, because they absorb approximately 30% of emissions and up to 80% of the heat generated by greenhouse gases, mitigating the harmful impact of the increase in atmospheric temperature.

In short, our oceans are not only contaminated by tons of plastics, increasing temperature, but also becoming more acidic.

When a gas is in contact with a liquid, an exchange of molecules takes place between them, resulting in a part of this gas ending dissolved in the liquid. This chemical process is what happens between the air and the water of the oceans, a part of the gases, like the CO2 dissolved in the sea, comes from the atmosphere, changing its chemical composition through a process known as acidification. That is why acidification processes due to excess greenhouse gases, especially CO2 in the environment, affect all life we know on our planet and especially the oceans, transforming and diminishing their diversity and productivity, so life and the sustenance of those who depend on the sea could be uncertain.

We do it for our future

That is why at NHG™ we actively participate in projects within its Carbon Free® partner program, which is an innovative and flexible way to help companies calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. Helping the environment, to combat global warming and help make a clean energy future possible.

If you want more information about this topic or if you are interested in starting to include our eco friendly products in your hotel, contact us and start offering your guests an experience in harmony with our planet.

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